How to write engaging tweets

We have already talked about how to create an attractive profile on Twitter, so now we are going to continue our series of articles on how to build an audience on Twitter fast and effectively.

As we have already said when starting out with your profile you have to pick a niche. Your niche will determine the type of people that are following you and interacting with you. Also, it will determine the people you interact with.

It is only smart that, in the beginning, you interact with people from that very niche as much as possible. But how can you “make” people interact with your tweets?

1. Copy, edit, paste

This is a well-known technique among people on Twitter that have been long there. Basically, this means that you find a trending tweet from your niche and copy it. Then edit it and adjust it to your personality and then paste it to your Twitter as a tweet. This doesn’t mean that you purely copy-paste a tweet. But just to use it as an inspiration.

People on Twitter are really against copycats and you don’t want them to “mark” you. Here is an example to make it more clear.

Let’s say you’ve read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. And you see someone tweets: “Atomic Habits helped me achieve some amazing things since I’ve read it”. You immediately have great material for a thread “5 things I’ve learned from Atomic Habits”, or tweet “I’ve been able to write one tweet per day because I learned how valuable 1% improvement is. Thanks @jamesclear”.

Just this example shows you how many awesome approaches you can have by using a single tweet as an example.

In the beginning, it can be hard, but after several days it gets much easier.

2. Stay in the niche

After several days of writing on Twitter, you will get tempted to start writing anything to gain attention. And that’s when you’re going to make a mistake. You have to stay in the niche.

You want to start attracting people who are into the kind of content that you have. If you start mixing your content your followers will stop coming because they won’t know what is your content about.

Another reason is that you will find it hard to get some engagement on your tweets. You may go viral, maybe even several times, but when the dust settles what stays? You, your content, and your followers.

Also, the more you write in your niche the easier it will become for you to make more engaging tweets because you’ll start to see the pattern of what works and what doesn’t. You have more A/B tests. You have more data to work with.

If you spread yourself too thin, by writing whatever, you’ll never figure out what your audience likes and what does not. But, by staying strictly in the niche you’ll be able to recognize what works with them.

3. Use visuals

Every social network gives more exposure to posts that have visuals. Twitter is no different. There are a lot of free tools online that can help you to create awesome-looking visuals, for more engaging tweets.

Tools like Canva or Excalidraw are great examples. Canva lets you create any type of visual. You can use some of the templates or create some from scratch.

If you’re more into “cartoonish” or “sketch” type of visuals then you can use Excalidraw. It’s really amazing and straightforward. Although it may be a little trickier to create appealing visuals, especially if you’re just starting out.

If you have some experience with photoshop you can use an online free alternative called Photopea. It’s, almost, literally like photoshop but online. It is excellent if you have some experience with graphic design. This could be of great help.

There are also tools that will help you create beautiful visuals in one or two clicks like BrandBird. If you are a programmer you can use Snappify to create really stunning code snippets.

4. Simplicity is the king

If you want to have an engaging tweet avoid using complicated words and technical words. You want to make your tweets as simple as possible.

If your tweet can be understood by someone who is not your audience and not in your niche then you have succeeded.

Why simplicity is so important for your success and engaging tweets? Let’s say you’re into marketing. You don’t want, only, to reach people that are also into marketing. You want to reach people that possibly need marketing. The win-win situation would be if you tweeted something and they have a problem with it. If your tweet is complicated they will most likely just skim over it. But if your tweet is simple in a way that they understand it, they might contact you for the possible gig. You never know.

5. Consistency is the queen

Believe it or not, consistency helps you write more engaging tweets. The more you write the easier it gets. It may not feel like it in the beginning, but it actually is, and here is why.

When you first start writing your tweets, you have plenty of topics and you feel like you could do this forever. But one month in, maybe even earlier, you start hitting a block. You don’t know what to write. You don’t know what to tweet. And this is one of the points when most people quit.

Then you start going over your previous tweets and you realize that you have a new angle to cover, new facts to share, a new point of view, and a new feeling. The more you do this, the more you get into it. With every tweet, you’ll find faster and easier ways to come up with new ideas. Your consistency becomes your best friend when it comes to writing engaging tweets.

Another reason why consistency helps with writing engaging tweets is that you’ll start “seeing” what works and what doesn’t. When we say “seeing” what works, it’s more of a feeling and not really a rational decision. Before you write your tweet you can guess how successful it will be, at least in a general sense.

But if you’re not consistent you lose this feeling. More accurately you never even develop it.

There is also one great thing about consistency. When you show up consistently, every day, you start noticing patterns in your engagement. You see that there are times when your audience is online and when isn’t. This is also a very important factor. Today, there are tools that can help you with this, but you can also spot some patterns. E.g. the last two tweets you published on Saturday at 6 PM worked much better than those you published on the same day at 3 PM.

This is something you should exploit. This is also the easiest way to go viral. If you hit this sweet spot and have a good enough tweet, you have a large percentage of going viral.

6. Engage with others

Engaging with others is an excellent way to write engaging tweets. Basically, when you engage with other people you have an inexhaustible supply of new ideas. Comment on their tweets and you’ll see that some of those comments are starting to get traction.

Immediately you take that comment and convert it to a tweet. There is a high chance it will succeed. Because people already “validated” it when they liked it and possibly shared it.

Our tool Engagement Builder can help you engage with a wider audience than Twitter will ever let you. And it’s much faster than Twitter. We guarantee that you’ll see an increase in productivity of at least 30%. That means you can interact with 30% more people in the same amount of time, and increase your chances of success by 30%.

So, how to write engaging tweets?

At first, you can use the copy, edit, paste technique. You can also add a twist to it with some visuals. Really important thing is to stay within your niche, you don’t want to confuse your audience. The easiest way to grow is to stay within the niche. While writing tweets, avoid using technical and professional vocabulary where ever possible. You want your audience to understand you, you don’t want to leave them confused.

Also, make sure you’re consistent. Consistency will help you write better tweets, and the audience will also start expecting tweets from you. Plus it will help you spot more and more patterns.

In the end, focus on engagement with others. It’s an incredible source of ideas and inspiration.