How to get Twitter followers in 7 proven ways?

Social media is called that way because it is supposed to be a place where we hang out virtually. But it is also a place with great opportunities. The larger the number of your followers, the bigger the opportunity of hitting the jackpot. We have gathered 7 proven ways to get Twitter followers, so you can increase and speed up your chances of success.

Original and high-quality content

The first thing on your journey to get Twitter followers is to provide as good content as possible. That means being authentic, interesting, educational, inspiring, etc. Most of Twitter gurus will say that people follow you for two reasons: 1. You can make them rich, 2. You teach them something that will make them rich. Even though this is true, it’s not the full story.

There are a lot of other reasons why people will follow you like you’re interesting, they like you, you’re funny, you have cool visuals, they look up to you, etc.

Example of one account that defies “standard” Twitter rules, yet he is highly successful is Jack Forge. He usually pushes sarcastic, funny, and satirical tweets, and people love him for his harsh humor.

At the beginning of your journey, you’ll have no problem with content. But, as you spend more time on Twitter you’ll notice that you’re starting to lack ideas. You’ll feel clueless. This is the hardest period for Twitter content creators because most of us fell into the trap of just pushing content, any content. 

Don’t do that. That’s a big NO NO when it comes to content creation. We could call this Content Suicide. Why? Because if you start pushing any content people will stop following you and you’ll be seen as someone who is just there for followers. This is a very bad rep for someone who wants to create meaningful relationships and build their future on Twitter, or any social media for that matter.

If you’re out of ideas, you should find inspiration. We have compiled 6 different ways on how to create engaging tweets.

To get Twitter followers, you have to stay on top of your game, always and prefer quality over quantity. Even though the quantity may seem like a better option, and it is if you can push high-quality content all the time, in the long run, quality is the way to go.

We can take Andrea Bosoni as an example. He pushes only one tweet per day, but that tweet is ALWAYS high quality and really focused on his target audience.

Stay within your niche

This advice is pretty common but still pretty neglected. Staying within your niche, especially in the beginning, is really important. We always say that we can’t please everyone. Not in life, not online. 

Staying within your niche has many benefits. If you’re looking to get Twitter followers then the biggest benefit is that staying in your niche is how you get authority and trust. Otherwise, the biggest benefit is that you’re always talking about a subject that you know well.

Other benefits are:

  • people from the same/similar niches will find you much easier and start engaging with you
  • you become known for being an expert in that field
  • people will start to ask you for your services
  • you’ll get better at communicating with people from your niche, so you’ll gain followers even faster
  • you’ll have your small network of people that will grow with time and create even more possibilities for you
  • if you ever decide to create some course, book, or any other form of paid content it will be much easier for you to sell it
  • etc.

Some may argue that constantly talking about same thing can become dull and boring. But that really depends on the person and how well they know the niche they picked. 

Let’s say you are in “fishing niche.” You can come every day and write about the best fishing rodes. How long can you write about those rodes? Maybe a month, 2 months, but what after that? Easy, expand to other similar areas. Maybe hooks, baits, threads, then you can move on on topics like types of fish, when to go fishing, best conditions for fishing, best places, etc.

As you can see the amount of your writing online is highly dependable on how well you know your niche. That’s why it’s very important to pick the right niche from the beginning.

Get Twitter followers through engagement

This becomes a more and more popular technique among newcomers. What most of them don’t know is how to engage properly. You can boost your Twitter growth with engagement faster than with anything else, especially in the beginning.

When you engage with others, it’s like you are promoting your account. Why? Because you’ll be able to reach more people and you’ll become visible to more people than with your own content.

Especially when you engage with people from your niche. Your account becomes visible to their followers, through your comments, and exposes you to a larger audience.

Engaging with people from your niche also increases the chances of their followers following you. The reason is obvious. You belong, probably, to the same niche and if you post a meaningful comment, they’re going to open your profile. Then, you have to make sure you have created an attractive profile.

We would really recommend using this technique, no matter what stage of the Twitter journey you’re in. Because this is the most stable and organic way to get Twitter followers. And not only that but to get an engaged Twitter audience.

If you have engaged followers your account will thrive and grow in no time. Engagement is a two-way street. Their comments will also make your account visible to other accounts.

Engagement will also help you create a bulletproof network for your business, service, or product. Because you have no use for an audience that is not engaging with you. It’s like having the best sports car that doesn’t run. You have it, but you can’t use it.

This is one of the reasons why we have created Engagement Builder. To help our customers grow their accounts and their businesses without spending a lot of time on Twitter.

Start growing your audience immediately

Use media-rich formats

One of the techniques that “big” accounts are put to use is different media formats. It’s not so much used with beginners, except, maybe, programmers that share code snippets.

To get Twitter followers you have to spend some time crafting your content, as you may have gathered by this point. Sometimes it’s not enough to have an awesome tweet. Sometimes you need to use some visuals to catch the attention of others.

It doesn’t have to be anything special, you can use Figma or Canva to create visuals pretty fast. Or you can just use photography. 

It’s even better if you use something that you have photographed because it’s authentic. Maybe your launch, setup, nature, car, accessories, etc. Don’t be a show-off, but make a story around that image. E.g. if you go out for a launch with your partner you can write: “Time spent with your family is time well spent” and then share the image of your launch.

Twitter is not so big on videos, but as time passes by more and more people are sharing those. But, if you share a video, make sure that you have captions because some researches that are done on social media users suggest that 70% of users will skip video without captions.

Another important thing is that there are two types of media that you can/should share: 

  1. Niche related stuff
  2. Personal stuff

Even with this, you should stay within your niche or “character”. If your followers are used to cooking videos, they’ll be pretty surprised with some political videos. 

Utilize lists to get Twitter followers

Lists are one of the most powerful Twitter features and one of the most unused ones. The reason behind this is that lists are pretty messy when you use them with Twitter (what we will not do just to get Twitter followers 😅). We have used custom algorithms to remove the clutter and all the noise from Twitter Lists. Engagement Builder is a noise cancellation tool when it comes to Twitter lists. (You can check it out for 7 days, for free, just click here 😁).

Why are lists so powerful?

You can have as many lists as you want. You can create lists like: “Favorite people”, “Competition”, “Creative folks”, “Friends”, “Popular crowd”, etc. Whatever you want, you can create it.

Then, you can track what those people are tweeting about and, ideally, engage with them. This way, you don’t, really and fully, depend on Twitter’s feed algorithm, but rather on your wish to stay active.

Another reason why Twitter lists are powerful is that you can add people to your lists even if you’re not following them.

On top of all this, you can see who are they (people from your list) interacting with. This can also help you find even more people to engage with.

Also, there are two types of lists: private and public lists. Private lists are visible only to you, and public lists are visible to everyone, but people also get a notification when you add them to a public list. You should probably keep this in mind. Public lists can also be followed, by anyone on Twitter.

When you add all this up, Twitter lists are basically your own Twitter communities. The only difference is that you can have your private communities, and no one knows about them. 

80/20 rule

80/20 written in black font on the pale pink background

Even though this may not be considered a way to get Twitter followers, it definitely is one really good pointer in the right direction.

Whatever you do, you mustn’t overdo it. The same goes when building an audience on Twitter, or any other social media. 

If you constantly post the same content, people will get bored and suddenly the thing why they started following you is the reason why they unfollowed you. Let’s be clear, you will constantly have unfollows, for many different reasons, and usually, you can’t influence that. But there are certain things you can do to lower that number. At least of real accounts.

Let’s say you’re a historian and you post interesting facts from history, every day. They’re always textual, but short. But it gets dull, after a while, you have to admit it.

If you followed 80/20 rule it wouldn’t be as dull and you’d probably get more followers and have fewer unfollwers.

In this case, you can post 8 textual tweets and 2 with images. Then you can add even more flavor there with some threads. Also, you can spice things up by including some interesting facts that are not, entirely, history related. You can retweet some tweets from similar accounts, etc.

As you can see there are a lot of possibilities to reduce the dullness of your content. And one of the best ways is to use 80/20 rules, on whatever strategy you decide.

Let’s take an example. If you have any interesting in hustle, business, side of Twitter you have probably stumbled upon JK Molina’s Twitter profile. Usually he posts about different things like how to get customers, how to write, how to do proper marketing, etc.

But, from time to time, he posts something unrelated to those topics. Something, just to break the dullness of his content.

Followings of your followings

If it sounds complicated, we’re going to explain it in a minute.

One of the most influential accounts in business/SaaS/programmers Twitter is Arvid Kahl. He is pretty big shot, and you should really follow him if you’re into any of those areas. Even if you just want to learn how to get Twitter followers, you should follow him.

He even has YouTube channel where he shares his wisdom on different topics. 

The first series on his channel was dedicated to the topic “How to get Twitter followers”. He explained the myriad of tactics he uses/used to acquire an audience on Twitter.

One of the suggestions was that you should open profiles of your favorite people on Twitter and see who they follow. Once you find an interesting account you should start engaging with it.

This is an excellent way to gain a new audience, especially if you utilize engagement. This, also, helps you to find the most influential people from your niche and see what they’re talking about, so you can adjust your content.


Every good business depends on quality, and so does your Twitter account. Make sure you have high-quality content within your niche. Also, providing content is not enough. You have to be an engaged part of the community, especially if you are looking into getting engagement on your own profile. Use different “tactics” to make your content more interesting and attractive. Some of the tactics are to use images and videos, implement 80/20 rule, write threads, etc.

Also, don’t just follow people, create different Twitter lists and use those. If you’re really keen on following people then one of the tactics you can use is to follow the people your followings are following.

We created a feature called “Expand Your Network” which does a lot of heavy lifting for you. It finds, automagically, accounts from your niche for you. Accounts that you will most probably be interested in. You can give it a go for 7 days for free. Just click the Login button.