How to get your first 1000 Twitter followers

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If you want to get your first 1000 Twitter followers, stay with us through this text because we’re going to dissect your journey step by step.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll get your first 1000 Twitter followers in a day, but you’ll definitely be much faster and more effective than those who haven’t read this article.

Once you reach your 1k followers, you’ll have enough experience and knowledge to keep growing those.

Some people reach 1k in a week, others in years. If you utilize everything we say here you’ll be able to reach 1k within 45 days.

But this article is not only our opinion. We did some research. We asked Twitter people what they think is the key to getting your first 1000 Twitter followers.

Here is the tweet:

Get your first 1000 Twitter followers according to Twitter users

Dmytro suggests that we should not act as “everyone else”. We should listen to our audience and change our approach accordingly. 

He also suggests that we should be helpful as much as possible, and make friends instead of followers.

According to him we should be focused on us and our journey, not some platitudes and “Twitter wisdom”. 

Remote Joe listed, rather nicely, everything he thinks is required for you to get from 0 to 1k on Twitter. 

He covered almost every area of your Twitter journey and he, basically, summed up what we have wrote so far in our Growth Academy. 

Philipp found the sweet spot for his account, and he shares his experience. 

This is really important for every Twitter account. 

What works for others, doesn’t mean it will work for you. 

So, you should constantly experiment with your content.

Dagobert Renouf is one of the most popular accounts in the indie makers community. He, also, recently published a course called “How to dominate Twitter”.

He suggests that engagement is one of the best ways to get to your first 1000 Twitter followers.

He, also, added that you should repurpose your popular replies into standalone tweets. 

Markshaw proposes a little bit more direct approach.

He states that you should find nice, active, and popular niche. 

Consistent, daily, content creation on the given niche, and have a little challenging tweets with strong opinions.

Similar to what Dagobert has suggested, Ivan suggests a consistent engagement with popular accounts within your niche.

This approach is good because it gives you more exposure, in the beginning, than your own tweets do.

These were only some of the answers from our tweet. If you want to read them all, you can do so here.

Now we’re going to take a look at some common denominators to all of those answers and explain them below.

Have a niche

Whether you read the comments above, or ask any seasoned Twitter user for some advice, in top three pieces of advice you’ll get is: “Have a niche”.

There is a good reason for that. One of the main reasons is that you can’t please everyone.

Another good reason is that people want to follow you because you’re like-minded, you have similar interests and they can learn from you.

Also, having a niche is much easier for you. Imagine that you’re in the party. If you stand up and yell to everyone, there is a good chance no one will listen to you, and they’ll even throw you out.

But, now imagine that you’re talking to people at your table. Everyone is listening to you.

The same goes for niches. If you’re trying to yell at everyone, no one is listening. But, if you’re trying to talk to just a few people around you, they’ll listen.

If you focus on a single niche, for long enough, and if your content is high-quality people will start to consider you an expert. They’ll start to mention you when someone has a problem, that they believe you can solve.

But if you’re talking about everything, how can your audience know what are you good at?

If you’re interested to learn more about a niche, you can read this article on How to get Twitter followers in 7 proven ways.

Engage with others

Engagement is one of the most underrated and unutilized growth tactics. Dagobert Renouf talks about it in depth in his course. If you’re not interested in buying the course you can also read a lot about engagement here: Boost your Twitter growth with engagement.

Why is engagement so important? Because engagement with others helps you become visible to more people than just your own followers.

Another important thing is that engagement attracts engagement. Meaning that if you want engagement on your own content, you should engage with others first.

Even though engagement takes a lot of time, it is really worth the effort because it yields the best results.

You can, also, try out Engagement Builder to help you control your time and success on Twitter, by clicking here.

If you want to get your first 1000 Twitter followers fast, you’ll have to engage a lot. The more you engage the faster you’ll get to your 1k followers.



Stay consistent

Consistency is important because you make yourself constantly exposed hence increasing your influence area.

Consistency also helps the algorithm to rank your content better. Because it helps people stay on the platform longer, which the algorithm favors.

Another good reason is that consistency helps you write better tweets. How? The more you write the easier it gets. You can learn more about how to write engaging tweets here.

Consistency, engagement, and everything else are especially important in the beginning. Later, when you make a name for yourself and have “a lot” followers, you can afford some skipping.

But, for the first 1k followers on Twitter, you really have to respect all the rules and do as much as possible.

Repurpose content

You don’t have to constantly invent new content. Sometimes when you engage and write replies that caught some attention you can use that, as Dagobert suggests.

You can also go over your old tweets and combine multiple tweets in one, or just share some old tweets that had huge success.

Another good idea to repurpose content is to use some articles that you’ve read. You can summarise them in a single tweet or thread.

An underrated tactic is to use popular tweets from your niche and copy them, add your touch to them and then push them.

We have talked about this extensively in this article.

Repurposing content can really be your edge over other creators. Because a lot of creators don’t know about this tactic or don’t use it.

Recap on how to get your first 1000 Twitter followers

A lot of people will say that there is no exact rule. But, as you have seen in the tweet at the beginning of this article, there are some common sense tactics that can help you.

  • Stay in the niche
  • Engage with others
  • Stay consistent
  • Repurpose content

If you want to learn more from Twitter experts, take a look at this course by Dagobert.

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