Boost your Twitter growth with engagement

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When you come to Twitter one of the first question you’ll ask yourself is: “How to boost my Twitter growth”. You can read all these tips and tricks on how to grow, how to gain an audience fast, what tactics to use, etc. But, ultimately, all those tricks start to work once you gain some followers, some traction.

In order to gain followers you have to market your profile, otherwise, how would people find you? The easiest way to do that is to start engaging with other profiles. We have already talked a little bit about engaging with others on Twitter. In this article, we’re going to talk about engagement in depth.

What is engagement?

Engagement is a process in which you comment, like, RT, quote RT someone else’s content, or respond to people who interacted with your own content.

In simple terms, engagement is interaction with others whether on your own content or their content.

Even though it’s this simple and obvious people tend to underestimate or oversee it. Mostly because people don’t understand how it works and how powerful it is.

That’s why we will talk about it here in depth. We will cover everything there is about Twitter engagement. After this article, you will have some special skills.

Why does engagement boost Twitter growth?

The engagement has so many benefits that we can’t put them in one article. But we will try to make it as short as possible, without losing the quality.

  1. Engagement is marketing for your profile – when you engage with others you’re basically reaching people that your tweets never would. You’re doing marketing for your own profile and you’re attracting people to it.
  2. You establish authority – When you engage and share your opinion and people start to validate it, you gain authority within your niche which will, in return, give you more opportunities. You’re not boosting only your Twitter growth, but also your overall authority.
  3. You’re making a network – engaging with others helps you build your personal little network. Before you know it you will have inside jokes with many people that you engage with, which will create personal bonds between you.
  4. Engagement attracts engagement – if you engage with others they will engage with you. It’s as simple as that. The more you engage with them, the more of them will engage with you. Twitter growth depends on them engaging with you.
  5. Engagement grows your audience – when you comment on others’ content you’re exposed to so many people that have never seen your profile before. If your content is good enough, they’ll become interested in you and even follow you.

These are just a few of the upsides, of many, of engaging with others on Twitter, or any other social media. The only downside to this is that it’s time-consuming. That’s why we have created the tool that will grow your Twitter audience in half the time with twice the result. Twitter engagement will become much easier when you try Engagement Builder.

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How to engage on Twitter?

The first topic that we will cover is how to properly engage on Twitter. Believe it or not, people actually need to learn this, a lot of people. One of the main reasons why people struggle on Twitter, or any other social media for that matter, is because they don’t know how to properly engage with others.

Be polite

The most important thing while engaging with others is to be polite. This will get you far. No one likes smart as*es or those who constantly pick a fight. This doesn’t mean that you always have to affirmative of whatever anyone says. This just means that you need to convey your opinion, no matter how different it is, in a polite manner.

People notice when someone is polite and they’re rewarding that person even more. Let’s say someone tweets: “I’ve achieved XY in the last week and I am so happy”. If you comment: “That’s awesome! I wish you even better results next week.” or “That’s great, but I achieved that in a day”. What do you think will work better?

I bet that the first comment will get that person to start commenting and engaging with your content. Why? Because you showed an appreciation for their effort and showed support for their further endeavors. This plays on a person’s ego, which is always a smart way of doing things.

Be respectful

Another obvious thing, but still worth mentioning. Be respectful towards others. If your opinion is so different that it may be considered insulting, move away from that tweet.

We all say that we love when people are honest and that’s partially true. Some honesties are better when we don’t say them. Or, at least, when we say them in private.

Insulting in public, even unintentional, is not good neither for your Twitter growth nor the person you’re commenting on.

Be genuine and insightful

Don’t just engage for the sake of engagement. Others will feel that energy and they will just start ignoring you. If you don’t believe us, search Twitter a little bit and you’ll see people having 3k tweets per month, for a few months, but still have 200 followers.

Humans like to see that you’re genuinely interested in them and in what they have to say. The best way to do that is to comment on tweets that you’re interested in. Don’t comment on every tweet. Pick a tweet that resonates with you and comment on it.

If you have something nice to add, even better. You’ll show them respect by showing that you read their content and that you want to contribute. Let’s see another example: “Did you know that XY did YZ while writing their book”. The best way to respond to this is: “Wow! I didn’t know that. But I’ve read that he also used to do XYZ while writing the same book”. And boom, you got yourself a follower.

Why? First, you showed interest in their content and the topic that they also like. Second, you added something new to their knowledge about their favorite topic so now they know that they can expect more of these talks with you. The third thing is you were nice and insightful, which is a winning combo.

Be yourself

Don’t try to be something you’re not. That is visible from a mile away. Let’s say you somehow managed to convince people, what will happen when you’re on the call with them? What will happen when someone who knows you, in real life, starts interacting with you?

Always be natural and be yourself. Don’t oversell yourself, but don’t, also, undersell yourself. Boosting your Twitter growth doesn’t mean “boosting” your life.

Ask questions

The best way to earn more engagement and more followers faster is to ask a question in your comment. The question shows several things like you’re genuinely interested, you want to learn more from that person, and you’re willing to put your time and effort to listen to them. What do all of these have in common? They boost that person’s ego.

We will see this if we take another example. Someone writes: “Last week my SaaS got 3 new customers because I marketed it on XY”. You should write: “Wow! That’s awesome. Congrats! What made you choose that exact platform? Did you do some research before that?”

Same as with previous examples. This will really give you another follower or at least a person that will start to engage with your own tweets. Plus this will give you additional exposure.

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How NOT to engage on Twitter?

This is also very important. There are certain rules that you need to follow if you’re looking to maximize your engagement and get the best out of it.

Don’t comment with emojis

Don’t use emojis as a way of communication. Emojis are there to help you to convey your message better, not to be your message. Just ask yourself what can one answer you if you send only emojis? Nothing! Literally nothing. The best you will get is like. And if you overuse those emojis you will not get even like.

Here is an example of a tweet: “Today I cooked my first pasta ever”. You could reply something like “🔥🔥🔥” and you’d get one like. But you could comment something like: “Well, congrats! What kind of pasta was it? Bolognese? I love pasta with gorgonzola sauce 🤤“. What do you think will happen with the second reply?

Don’t comment with one word

The second thing you shouldn’t do is to comment with one word. It’s almost the same as emojis, sometimes even worse. The only word that is appropriate for a one-word comment is “Thanks”. Even this with some emoji like “🙏” or “🥰“. Everything else is just not good.

Imagine you invest your time in crafting a tweet, you spent 30 minutes polishing it. You publish it and someone says: “Nice”. What would you answer to that, if anything? Maybe “Thanks”. But it’s almost like they didn’t mean it was good. It is like they’re being sarcastic, right? But what if they said instead: “You’ve done some nice work there 🔥“. What would you answer? Probably: “Thank you very much! I appreciate it”.

You see that if you put more effort the person on the other side will put more effort also. If you do this a few times they will start to appreciate you and show you their appreciation in form of engagement on your tweets and by following you.

Don’t be repetitive

This is something most people aren’t looking after, but it’s very important. Let’s say there is a big account that you admire. Literally whatever they write you share their opinion. But don’t write every time: “I agree 100% 🔥” or similar comments.

Spark new conversation by adding your own twist to the story, like you normally would. If you constantly write “hahahah” to Dagobert’s tweets, what have you achieved? Probably nothing. But if you add your own joke to that, well now we’re talking. 

By sparking conversation you’ll spark your impressions and engagement which will, in turn, 100% boost your Twitter growth.

Who to engage with?

This is one of the most important questions when you start engaging. But there is a simple answer: engage with those you find interesting. Find influential accounts from your niche and start engaging with them.

Don’t engage with something you’re not interested in. It would be silly if you engage with an archeologist if your only contact with archeology was “Mummy” movie.

The best people to engage with are those from your own niche. Because you will always have something to add and someone to talk to. If you engage with people outside of your niche make sure you have to bring something to the table. Meaning, don’t engage for the sake of engagement.

If you start to engage with someone or something that you don’t find interesting people will feel it. People can see through when something is genuine and when it’s not.

Be natural

All of those rules above are some guidelines that will help you engage easier and more effectively on Twitter or any other social media. But there are some exceptions to this.

Let’s say you’ve been engaging with someone over a longer period of time. It’s only natural to start using jokes and GIFs. Because you get to know that person better and you know your boundaries with them.

If you know someone longer period of time, of course, you can use emojis as your comment, or comment with only one word. But make sure you don’t overdo it. Because you have to keep a high level of attention at all costs if you want to succeed on social media.

Whatever you do, make sure you follow “natural” social rules and you’ll be good.


We have written a quite lengthy article. But this is that type of subject that really needs full attention. But we will summarize it here.

  • Engagement is very important if you’re looking to grow on social media, or make your network there.
  • Always be polite when communicating with others. Show genuine interest and bring something new to the table
  • Never try to be something that you’re not
  • Try to keep the conversation alive to gain additional exposure by asking questions in your comment
  • Don’t use emojis as your only comment, or don’t use one-word comments.
  • Try not to be repetitive because it gets boring pretty fast
  • Only engage with things that you’re interested in, and only engage with people that you’re interested in. The best way to do this is to engage with people from your niche
  • Always be natural. Don’t overdo anything.
  • Those are not really rules, those are more guidelines that will help you boost your Twitter growth
  • If you want to grow in half the time with twice the result, try Engagement Builder