Engagement Builder is constantly striving to improve User Experience and help its customers save time and increase productivity. One way we do that is by providing shortcuts for every repeatable action.

Fast Reply #

When you finish your tweet, you can use CMD+ENTER (for Mac) or CTRL+ENTER (for Win) instead of using the mouse and clicking the Reply button.

Fast Like #

If you just want to like the tweet and don’t want to reply to it, you can use CMD+L (for Mac) or CTRL+L (for Win) instead of clicking the Like button.

Skip tweet #

If you don’t want to either like or reply to a focused tweet you can skip it. To skip the tweet using shortcuts you have to press CMD+K (for Mac) or CTRL+K (for Win).

Open in Twitter #

If you want to open a focused tweet on Twitter you can press CMD+J (for Mac) or CTRL+J (for Win).

Auto-focus #

Another feature/shortcut, of Engagement Builder, is auto-focus. By default, Engagement Builder focuses on the first next tweet. Once opened focus will be on the first tweet. Every time you do any action that forces that tweet to “disappear”, the app will automatically focus on the first next available tweet.

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